How to Donate to Restoration Ministries

Thank you for visiting our website. I pray that you have been blessed by looking through and reading the information presented. We are a self supported independent ministry.

For the past 30 or so years I have worked full time in "secular" work, mostly manufacturing. During this time I have also done various types of ministry. I have done pulpit preaching ministry in various churches, mostly in my home churches. For around 1 and 1/2 years we held house meetings in our home. I have also started a YouTube channel with videos of myself preaching. I have built this website which has a page with audio of myself preaching. I have also done such work as taking Biblical books to the local county jail for them to put in their library. At times I have sent DVDs and CDs of teaching and preaching to individuals in the United States and other countries such as South Africa, Malawi and Italy. I have also sent books to a ministry in the Philippines.

I have been limited as to the amount of time that I could put into the work of the ministry due to working full time to meet the financial obligations of providing for the family. Now that I am within a couple of years of reaching retirement age I would like to begin putting fewer hours into working on a job and more hours into doing ministry work.

My plans are to begin producing videos to put on social media outlets such as Facebook and TikTok. At some point I would also like to start doing live videos on social media and on YouTube. I also plan to start sending out more materials to people in the United States and other countries upon request.

I have added this page to give anyone who would like to donate to this ministry the opportunity to do so. At this time I have two ways that donations can be made. One way to donate is through Cashapp. My Cashapp address is $restorationministries238. Donations can also be made through PayPal to

If anyone feels led to give to this ministry I would like to thank you very much in advance. May Yahweh richly bless you!!