Online Sermons

On this page we will be posting sermons for our visitors to listen to online. The audio may take several minutes to load. I am in the process of working on this so that the download will be faster.

The Latter Rain - Douglas Potter
This message is on the latter day outpouring of the Spirit of God.

The Mysterious Woman - Douglas Potter
This message is on the Harlot of Revelation Chapter17.

No Time For Compromise - Douglas Potter
This message is for Seventh Day Adventists.

The Seal of God - Douglas Potter
This message explains the Seal of God versus the Mark of the Beast.

True Repentance - Douglas Potter
This message is on real genuine repentance.

Trust God - Douglas Potter
We surely must put our trust in God in the times that we are living.

Messages on the Sanctified Life

Called Out - Douglas Potter
God calls His people to be separated from the worldly system.

We Need the Holy Ghost - Douglas Potter
We, as Christians, need the indwelling presence of the Spirit of God in our lives.

Sanctification - Douglas Potter
We are to be set apart, consecrated unto God.

What Goes In, Will Come Out - Douglas Potter
Whatever we take into our heart by way of t.v., music and so forth will come out in our life.


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